Student Advisement Center

The Student Advisement Center provides academic advising, career guidance, learning support, admission and registration information to facilitate the intellectual and professional growth of the USC student.

Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation sessions are held every semester and each student is required to attend. At these sessions, students are informed about academic registered processes and procedures and accessing and navigating of our online academic registration portal. 

Academic Advisor’s contact

As a member of the USC academic community, each student is assigned an academic advisor based on their chosen academic school.  

Academic advisors can be contacted during business hours using the following office extensions:

(868) 612 - 4872: 

  • Executive Director: EXT. 1600
  • Academic Advisor School of Business: EXT. 1602
  • Academic Advisor School of Education: EXT. 1602
  • Academic Advisor School of Theology & Religion: EXT. 1602
  • Academic Advisor School of Social Sciences: EXT. 1605
  • Academic Advisor School of Science Tec. & Allied Health: EXT. 1604


Degree Planning Guides

School of Business

School of Education

School of Science and Technology

School of Social Sciences

School of Theology and Religion


Aeorion tutorials

A number of tutorials are available to assist you in using our Student Management System.