The Counseling Services Department is an integral part of the Division of Student Development and Services.

Our counselors’ main purpose is to facilitate the counseling process to bring healing and restoration, and empowerment to clients. The counselors are trained in Counseling Psychology and Educational Psychology.

They utilize multiple techniques to effectively impact the University community through programs aimed at individuals and groups. The programs and activities deal with a plethora of pertinent issues, including stress and anger management, communication, personality differences, as well as social issues like domestic violence, addictions, and adjustment techniques.

The Peer Counselors Club, an initiative of the Department, is a USC student’s club comprising student trained to be mentors, mediators, to give a listening ear and to be a source of encouragement. The Peer Counselors are ambassadors of the University and can be identified the gold pins they wear.

Mission statement

In keeping with the University’s mission, the Counseling Services Department is committed to:

  • Provide quality counselors to serve the University Family
  • Provide individual and group counseling services.
  • Plan and execute programmes geared at facilitating personal adjustment and that will attend to the developmental needs of the students.
  • Offer consultative and mediation services to the University Family.

The Counseling Services Department is located on our campus, behind the Ford Library next to the parking lot. You are welcomed to visit us during our office hours.

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Contact information

  • Tel: 1-868-696-4406/4184
  • Fax: 1-868-696-4184
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