Normally, upon admission into a programme, a student declares an emphasis. However, a student may be granted “undeclared status.” This normally is used by students who opt or continuing education and who do not seek a degree.

This status is permitted for as long as a student desires, but with the following understanding:

  1. Courses taken as an undeclared student do not automatically apply to any degree.
  2. If a student decides at a later date to enter a degree programme, he or she should complete and submit a request form for a change of programme.
  3. The student may petition for courses be taken as an undeclared student to be accepted toward the degree programme as appropriate. In some cases, if there has been a significant interval between the time a course was taken and the request for a change of programme, a course may need to be “updated” (repeated). This is especially true in technology areas such as Computer Science, where course content can change significantly.
  4. A student may be admitted under undeclared status and take the requirements for a minor if a) the transcript would include the courses taken but the minor would not be listed b) if the student graduated previously, the minor cannot be added to the previous degree.