Key tips for academic success while at USC

  • Attend your classes. This is not just essential to your success as a student, but if a national of Trinidad & Tobago and funded by GATE this is required. On the rare occasions when miss class ensure you are not left behind.
  • Be serious with your life as a student and take your academic work seriously and pay attention to posted deadlines. 
  • Be always willing to get help. Your instructor is there to provide academic help: all full-time faculty have posted office hours. Similarly, for personal matters, our chaplains are there to help and pray with you. 
  • Form good study habits. Study both alone and in groups. No man stands alone in academics and sometimes its team work that make you shine. 
  • Maintain a balance. Life is not all study. Get involved in the life of the university, in and out of the classroom. 
  • Think of USC as place major stage of self-discovery. Cultivate your interests in noble pursuits, make good character determining choices. Many years later you will look back with fondness at your time here. 
  • We pride ourselves with having a caring academic faculty. They will do their best; students are encouraged to do the same. Learn to think critically, analytically and creatively. Enjoy research and stick to your deadlines.
  • Your School's notice board and your student email are very important and should be checked as often as possible. Your peers should not be the only avenue of communication from the university.
  • Most importantly, trust in God. He is the source of all knowledge.