On the campus, there are the options of a light snack or full meal services available to students. Students in our residence halls may also sign up for one of our healthy and affordable meal plans.

USC Food Services

The USC Food services caters to dormitory students and provide two meal plans. 1) 2 meals per day 2) 3 meals per day.  All university dormitory students must have a meal plan, which is charged as a package. Request for exemptions due to dietary or health considerations must be made to the Office of international student services

Snack shop

The Snack Shop which can be found downstairs the Business block is open from 10 am-6:30 pm during regular semesters and 10 am-5 pm in the summer. The shop offers various beverages, varied snacks, aloe pies, grilled cheese sandwiches, sada roti and juices. If you need a healthy beverage option, speak to the friendly staff to rustle up a healthy smoothie for you.

Caribbean Health Foods

Caribbean Health Foods can be found on the compound of the USC. Open from 8 am to 5 pm, they offer a wide variety of pastries, juices and other healthy options including daily vegetarian lunches. Even though they are not under the university's purview, you are sure to find this institution a healthy source for daily food options.

USC Cafe

USC's Cafe is located in the main administration building and offers a range of juices, snacks, daily lunches and breakfast. The cafe also offers fries, salads and other small items and is open from 8am-7pm.