About USC's Professional Development Institute (PDI)

The Professional Development Institute (PDI) of the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) seeks to provide unique, certified, professional short courses which are strategically developed to enhance participants who require marketable tools and qualitative, educational upgrades.

The PDI is located directly in the University’s Academic Affairs Division to ensure the rigour of all its programmes. This ensures supportive learning systems, acclimatized to environmental and changing parameters, yet still able to provide certified credentials through responsive learning methods.

In a supportive online, blended or face to face environment, PDI participants will develop and enhance skills, techniques and solution development abilities. These marketable tools are immediately applicable to workplace scenarios or new careers.

Join with us and grow! 


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Available Courses

All PDI courses will be delivered virtually. Certification is awarded by the University of the Southern Caribbean. All fees are quoted in Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TTD). Please email us at pdi@usc.edu.tt with any queries.

Real Estate Brokerage & Agency Principles

Course Objectives:

  • Prerequisite for entry into Practical Real Estate Brokerage

  • Certified Professional Certificate in Real Estate Brokerage & Agency Principles

  • Utilization in accordance with United Kingdom Professional

Basic Counselling Skills for Health Professionals

Course Objectives:

  • Become a para-counsellor

  • Practioner understanding for Health Professionals

  • Acquisition of Counselling Skills for Health Professionals

Police Leadership

Course Objectives:

  • Improve Understanding of leadership through a reflective, self-development journey

  • Advanced skill-set to influence others; building a powerful and compelling personal presence

  • Decision-making and Problem-solving techniques in incident management

Transnational Organized Crime

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how criminal structures and illegal activities work on an international level

  • Demonstrate knowledge of terrorism and its relationship to international crime

  • Demonstrate knowledge of human trafficking, cybercrimes and other emerging transnational criminal activity

Certificate in Family Life Studies



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All fees are quoted in Trinidad & Tobago Dollar.


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Contact Us:

  • Telephone: (868) 662-2241/2 ext. 2005
  • Email Address: pdi@usc.edu.tt

Office Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday
  • 8:00am to 5:00pm