Checklist for Graduating Students

Before you cross the stage!

Update your calendar!

There are a number of key graduation activities and deadlines to keep in mind:

  • Payment deadline for Kente cloth & Medallions (Optional).
  • Graduation Mixer
  • Regalia Distribution & Return

All dressed up with somewhere to go!

Graduating students are to be attired in USC's academic dress for its commencement exercise. This academic dress (or regalia) is normally rented for the duration of graduation weekend. A rental pack includes tassel, hat and gown. Details on donning your robe and more is provided. Information on the current year's graduation will be posted on our various communication platforms.

Guest tickets, and information for guests

Information on securing tickets for guests and family members, seating at the graduation venue and other event information are provided on the current year graduation page.

During Graduation

Live Streaming

Our Graduation ceremonies are live-streamed and link to the service will be provided during Graduation weekend.


Your graduation day is special! The University provides each graduating student with an official photograph that is taken at the point each student receives their degree or diploma. Students wishing to take other photos during this time, are asked to follow the guidance and direction of event ushers.